"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."-George Smith Patton
If you are a game kid- try some math games! Fun and perhaps better thinking than the average video game :)
Click "High School" to filter out the easier, younger kid games.

Here's the link to the video we watched in class that helps explain how powerful exponential growth is. How many times would you have to fold a piece of paper in half so that its thickness equals the height of the Empire State Building? The distance to the moon?
TedEd video on paper folding

Study Habits

An interesting piece in the New York Times about study habits and the mind. Check it out, maybe it will help you with your learning.

Stella Problems

Here are some good thinking problems, said to be "non-routine," that were collected and posted by a math teacher in Ohio. Some are very general logic/reasoning problems and others connect more to a specific math concept. Most are NOT the type you can solve right away, like all good problems! So stick with them, try different strategies- work. Just thought I'd put up the link for those looking for some brain exercise. You don't want that brain to atrophy!! :)

Math Song
Here's a YouTube of a math song. I thought it was particularly upbeat and a nice reminder that math is everywhere! So listen to put some pep in your math step.

Creative Thinking
This page gives a nice explanation of creative thinking and some good methods for all of us to use so that we can come up with creative ideas and solutions to problems. We do not want math to supress our creativity just because for many pure math problems there is only one solution. We need creativity to come up with the means to get to such a unique solution and further creativity will help us with so many non-unique solution problems and opportunities, especially those that come up outside the classroom. Read about how you can be a stronger creative and critical thinker. (This world need you to be one!!)

Set Game
Happy Vacation! Test your visual skills and have fun with the daily Set Puzzle if the spirit moves you. Hit "Daily Puzzle" in the top left corner.

More Games- Enjoy!

Here's a logic challenge. Leapfrog!!

Power Tools
Steven Strogatz reveals some places outside of the math classroom that the functions you study in Algebra II and Analysis are living in this "Opinionator" article from the New York Times online.

Bias Called Persistent Hurdle for Women in Sciences
"...math ability is not fixed, but grows with effort." !!!!! I couldn't agree more. Read about the latest statistics on women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in this New York Times article. And about experiments on how beliefs effect performance. And remember, math ability grows with quality work and efforts!

NBC Science of Olympics
Math is everywhere and we want to be sure we realize it. NBC has a series of short videos about the sciences, including math, of the winter olympics. Use this link to access any or all of them. Be sure to watch the one entitled "mathletes." Enjoy!

Placebo Effect 2010
Is the placebo effect getting stronger? Read about the latest research on the response to placebos.